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TRADE SECRETS premieres on PBS on March 26 from 9 - 11 p.m.

TRADE SECRETS: A MOYERS REPORT is a two-hour program that lays out an historical record of chemical industry behavior and devotes 30 minutes, 25 percent of the broadcast, to a panel discussion of issues such as what scientists know about the health effects of chemicals, how fully chemicals are tested before they come to market, worker safety and whether the public is fully informed about chemicals and their impact on personal health.

The portion of the program that lays out the historical record is based on the industry’s own words, preserved in black and white in confidential industry documents that the public was never supposed to see.

The panel discussion, which will be produced live-to-tape the afternoon of the program premiere, includes two representatives of the chemical industry, a representative of the public health sector, and a representative of an environmental organization.

The chemical industry’s trade association, the American Chemistry Council (ACC), has begun a campaign to discredit TRADE SECRETS before it is broadcast by attacking Bill Moyers’ professionalism as a journalist and the balance, accuracy and fairness of the program.

Following is a statement by Bill Moyers to industry attacks:

Statement by Bill Moyers
"As usual, the chemical industry is misleading the American people and the press. The American Chemistry Council has known that we designed the broadcast to include industry representatives. Weeks ago we even provided the industry with the very questions to be discussed on the broadcast. When Terry Yosie, the industry spokesman, told me that the industry wants to address issues of worker and product safety and the benefits to society of chemicals, I agreed. Mr. Yosie won't tell you that, because Mr. Yosie is trying to defend the industry against the indefensible record in its own documents.

I consider myself in good company to be attacked by the industry that tried to smear Rachel Carson when she published Silent Spring. As its own documents reveal, this is the industry that kept from its workers the truth about what was making them sick; that opposes the right of citizens to know what is polluting their communities; that manipulated its own science to hide the hazards of chemicals; that spent millions of dollars to buy political influence, carve loopholes in environmental law, and create a regulatory system that it controls. The people who watch TRADE SECRETS will decide for themselves who is guilty of malpractice."

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