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Stoner Productions Inc
Stoner Productions Inc is a television production and consulting company, established and directed by Executive/Series Producer Barry Stoner, and Producer/Director/Writer Suzanne Duroux. Together, they form the creative and administrative core of the corporation.

Suzanne comes to Stoner Productions with a successful background in arts administration, publishing and television production. Her achievements are numerous and include the television series and specials New Tech Times, Gregorian Chant: Songs of the Spirit and The Art of Magic. She has recently served as Co-Producer/Director and Writer for Treasures of the World.

With over twenty-five years of experience in national and international television production, Barry has serves as Executive Producer, Producer, Writer, Director and Editor, earning many prestigious awards: Ohio State Awards, the Chicago International Film Festival Gold Plaque, American Film and Video Festival Blue Ribbons, San Francisco Film Festival Golden Gate Award, NEA Awards, New York International Film Festival Gold Medals and regional Emmy Awards. His recent special, Gregorian Chant: Songs of the Spirit, featuring the 14th-century music of the Benedictine monks of Spain, received a National Prime-time Emmy nomination.

Stoner has created, developed and served as Executive/Series Producer for numerous prime-time international series for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). His popular series include: Death: The Trip of a Lifetime, a cross-cultural odyssey exploring life's most profound mystery; The Miracle Planet, a co-production with NHK about the world's natural history (the second-highest-rated series of the PBS 1990 season); Fire on the Rim, a four-part co-production with TV New Zealand, ABC Australia and NHK investigating the effects of volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis on cultures around the Pacific Rim; and The Art of Magic, a survey of the rich traditions and worldwide manifestations of performance magic.

Stoner has also served as Series Producer for the acclaimed PBS science-adventure series, The New Explorers, and as Senior Producer for Investigative Reports on the A&E Network. His other national credits include: Asia Now (1991-92), a weekly news magazine series about Asian culture and current events; The New Tech Times, a popular weekly series about the impact of technology on our lives; The Great Violin Mystery, a NOVA documentary exploring the secrets of Stradivarius; and Menominee, a documentary about the Native American struggle to regain their land.

In addition to a second season of Treasures of the World, Stoner Productions Inc is also developing new media ventures, including interactive digital prototype based on the Fabergé Eggs episode of the series, produced in coordination with Intertainer, Inc.

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