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A Few Words from Executive Producer, Barry Stoner
The last two years of planning, production and editing have given my co-producer, Suzanne Duroux, and me much joy, and not a few sleepless nights. There have been many memorable moments, but for most "you had to be there" to appreciate the irony, humor, angst, etcetera. We've included just a few of our personal observations under Journal Entries, and we hope you find them entertaining.

There is nothing like producing an international television series... Along the way on this adventure, many have helped us to make the production of Treasures of the World a wonderful experience. Their names are listed in the Series Production Credits section of this notebook. We had a small team, and we each wore many hats, so all involved can be credited with far larger contributions than listed here. We are especially indebted to Steve Beaumont, Kent Beeson, Tom McGurk and Vicki Dunakin for their unswerving dedication, patience and loyalty in seeing this project through.

You can also find a brief description of Stoner Productions Inc with information about how to reach us with your feedback and questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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