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  Production Notes

  Models of Teaching


  Production Notes

 Host: Models of Teaching
Charles R. Coble

Charles R. Coble, host of the 3 professional development videos for Models of Teaching, is Vice President for University-School Programs at The University of North Carolina. Dr. Coble was Dean of the School of Education at East Carolina University for 13 years before joining the Office of the President in 1996. Dr. Coble serves as liaison with the fifteen UNC schools of education, coordinates the outreach programs of the University which support the public schools through the Center for School Leadership Development, and is the University's primary representative for all collaborative K-16 activities. Under Coble's leadership, the fifteen UNC schools of education received legislative funding to implement a network of University-School Teacher Education Partnerships which include longer internships for student teachers and extensive collaboration with local public schools. The Division of University-School Programs includes the Southeast Center for Teaching Quality (a regional office of the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future) and the North Carolina Education Research Council which was established by the North Carolina Education Cabinet and serves as the primary organization for the First in America in Education initiative. In the summer of 2001, many of the University programs which support public school teachers and principals will be based in the new Center for School Leadership Development under construction near the Friday Center.

Dr. Coble serves on key state and national committees related to teacher preparation and development and science education. He has received grants from the Kenan Charitable Trust, BellSouth Foundation, Spencer Foundation, and Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation to advance the University-School Partnerships and is moderator of a bi-weekly live television program “Parents and Schools” produced by the North Carolina Agency for Public Telecommunications. Dr. Coble is author or co-author of 10 books and over 70 articles and chapters in books.

Dr. Coble is a former teacher, has a bachelor’s degree in botany, a master’s degree in science education, and a doctorate in curriculum and instruction, all from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.