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No Greater Calling
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Production Notes

  Models of Teaching

  Notes: No Greater Calling
Extensive research went into the selection of the teachers appearing in the program. The producer selected the candidates after reviewing lists of teachers from the NBPTS, the U.S. Department of Education’s “National Teacher of the Year” program and referrals from NBPTS staff members, other NBPTS board-certified teachers, staff members from the Governor’s Education Office and other contacts.

The final selection was made after conducting phone interviews with potential candidates. Selection was based on the teachers’ willingness to participate in the program, their ability to demonstrate NBPTS’ five core principles of teaching and their location in one of the partner states in the “Models of Teaching Project.” Special attention was also paid to finding a diverse group of teachers in terms of grade level, subject matter, gender, race, community/demographics and geographic location. All of the teachers except for Susan Armenta in San Diego are NBTS certified.

The crew spent two to three days at each location shooting each teacher’s methods and techniques. Interviews were held with the teachers, their principals, some of their students, and some of the students’ parents. Relevant footage was also shot at the school and around the community.

The Producer

An award-winning television producer and journalist with more than 15 years experience in broadcasting, Clay Johnson is the producer of No Greater Calling. Johnson earned a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of South Carolina and began his career in radio news. Two years later he moved to television and worked for the next nine years as a television news reporter and producer at network affiliate stations in the Carolinas.

In 1994, Johnson was appointed Deputy Press Secretary to North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt, where he specialized in developing broadcast communication strategy for Hunt and his policy initiatives. After two years, Johnson left the Hunt administration to return to television, starting his own company, Clay Johnson Productions, Inc. Since then Johnson has produced and written two nationally syndicated travel shows, several documentaries and educational programs, feature segments for UNC-TV’s North Carolina Now program and dozens of educational videos.