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No Greater Calling
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Production credits:

Narrator: Edward James Olmos

Producer and Director: Clay Johnson

Written by: Clay Johnson

Executive Producer: Jay Holloway

Production Manager: Deborah Holt

Videographer: Mark Shaw

Field Audio: Gary Kucho
          Don Mertz
          Cary Stedman

Avid Editors: Matt Devries
          Scott Marsh

Electronic Graphics: Serious Robots Animation

Video: Michael Campbell

Production Assistants: Steve Johnson
          Wayne Journee

Poem Narration: Joe Holt

Special Thanks: Monarch High School, San Diego, CA
          San Diego CA Schools, Metro Educational Region
          Pelham Memorial High School, Pelham, NY
          Lynnwood Elementary School, Lynnwood, WA
          Arden Road Elementary School, Amarillo, TX
          Galtier Magnet School, St. Paul, MN
          National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
          Karen Galt, Governor’s Teaching Advisor
          US Department of Education, National Teacher of the
              Year Program
          Olmos Productions, Inc.
          NC Agency for Public Telecommunications
          KPBS-TV, San Diego, CA
          The Carolina Inn

Executive in Charge of Production: Bob Royster

Web Site Research, Design and Development:
Buttercup Studios, LLC. Buttercup Studios
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Dr. Charles R. Coble, content advisor

Dr. Karen M. Dyer, content advisor

Dr. Gerald Ponder, content advisor

Dr. Kathleen M. Ponder, content advisor

Dr. Richard R. Schramm, content advisor

Emily Castleberry - teacher profiles coordinator

Topics Education Group, content design and development

This site includes video excerpts from the “Models of Teaching” professional development series, written and produced by Mark Spano Communications, Inc.,

Special Thanks: Molly Corbett Broad; W. Robert Connor; William Friday; Karen Garr; Tom Howe; Rosemary Hallberg; Robert Watson; and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

UNC-TV wishes to thank the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust for their generous grant that made the Models of Teaching professional development series possible.