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No Greater Calling
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Tools for Educators

Tools for Educators
from Models of Teaching

No Greater Calling was the first part of a four-part series on professional development for teachers. Three other programs followed No Greater Calling, although they were never broadcast because of their specific target audience. The entire professional development series, Models of Teaching, had a guide as a companion piece to the series, each program having its own segment of the guide.

The links to the side will take you to guides for each of the four Models of Teaching programs. While each one is directed toward a specific audience, the guides and their accompanying videos contain thought-provoking material and questions important for teachers, principals and administrators seeking to improve their performance and profession. Each guide contains a general description of the objectives of the program, the target audience, program segments, a self-tutorial, and workshop questions.

Although the program guides are available in Adobe Acrobat, the descriptions at the beginning of the guide are on the web page. However, since the questions for the self-tutorial and the workshop can be found only in the Acrobat file, you will need to download the Acrobat version of the guide before you watch the videos.

The “Success Stories” section is a place where you can network as a teacher--sharing techniques or methods that you have found particularly effective. We hope that this section proves helpful for teachers seeking professional development training.