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No Greater Calling
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Read other success stories from parents and community.

Successful Teaching Strategies

Teachers, read your peers’ success stories below to get inspiration you can take into your classroom. You can even share an effective teaching strategy of your own. We'll update this page twice a month.

And now, the stories.

"A strategy that I found most helpful when teaching a fourth and fifth grade combination classroom was the use of peer mediation. By the end of the first grading period, I noted that I was acting too much like judge and jury for disagreements between students. I wanted the students to be able to accept responsibility for their own actions. The students were allowed to select one representative from each grade level and a third student that was jointly selected to serve. This third student would only be involved if a student felt the mediator had been unfair. I established parameters for the process as well as locations that could be utilized for mediation. The result was increased self-monitoring by students and improved self-concept. I was especially pleased with the level of maturity with which students utilized this avenue of redress." --Emily Castleberry, K-12 teacher

Take a look at success stories from parents and Community organizations.