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Success Stories

Read other success stories from educators and community.

Sharing the Success
Brenda Reep

Mrs. Brenda Reep of Durham, North Carolina has three children in the public school system. During the past school year, two of her children attended elementary school and one attended middle school. Brenda expressed her appreciation for the "extra mile" effort of two of her children’s teachers.

According to Brenda, her child in fifth grade had been retained the previous year and by teacher request placed in the same teacher’s classes again. This teacher provided extra help during his own personal time for her child. Additionally, he provided books for her child to read, extra practice in division problems and continued monitoring and support in areas of weakness. Although she truly appreciated his efforts for her child, she was impressed by the fact that he provided the same exertion to meet the needs of other students in his class. The fact that this teacher truly cared about his students struck her the most.

Brenda noted that the teacher of her child in second grade made all the difference in her child’s school experience. Almost daily communication between parent and teacher formed the basis for a successful year. During the first grading period, Brenda’s child began experiencing difficulty, but communication and cooperation between parent and teacher created a support system that fostered success. Brenda noted that this teacher spent extra time with her child—more than was required. The one-on-one time this teacher provided was invaluable. Brenda stressed how the willingness of the teacher to listen and take the time to answer questions created an open line of communication.

"Communication is the key…the biggest thing," she said.

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