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Success Stories

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Sharing the Success
Kamona Herring

Kamona Herring is the mother of three boys, the oldest of whom completed kindergarten last year and will begin first grade in the fall. Kamona felt that her son Keenen had a very successful first year in school, thanks to the efforts of a caring teacher.

Kamona stressed how friendly and helpful her son’s kindergarten teacher had been. Keenenīs kindergarten teacher was a 30 year veteran teacher who Kamona felt had learned well from each experience and had adapted her teaching accordingly. Kamona noted that Keenen’s teacher showed real interest in each student in her class. Kamona especially appreciated the way the teacher helped parents feel like a part of their child’s learning.

Communication was a key component in making kindergarten a successful experience for teacher, parents and students. Conferences were informative and positive in nature. If a problem arose in the child’s learning, this teacher suggested strategies and activities to meet the studentīs needs. Weekly folders of student work, along with an informative newsletter of class activities, contributed to Kamona’s knowledge of what her son was doing in class.

The weekly newsletter included highlights of positive student efforts as well as notations of parental assistance to the classroom in various forms. Thank you notes were sent to parents who made various contributions of time or materials to the class. The teacher encouraged parents to contact the teacher with questions as they arose, and the teacher made herself accessible to respond. Kamona especially appreciated the fact that this teaching veteran was so open to new ideas. She also appreciated the teacher's assistant, who made an effort to spend time with each student.

Kamona expressed her appreciation that her son was able to be a part of a positive beginning for him and a positive ending for this caring teacher.

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