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No Greater Calling
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Impact on Students


Susan Armenta with student

Susan Armenta

Jennifer Stoneburner, one of Susan Armenta’s students at Monarch High School, lives in a rundown apartment building with her mother and younger brother. Her neighborhood is peopled by many that seem to be without hope—drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, and the homeless. There are many reasons why Jennifer should not be successful in school. If she did not have a teacher like Susan Armenta, Jennifer may not have developed the love of learning that she has.

Before Susan could reach Jennifer academically, she had to be sure Jennifer’s basic physical needs were considered. At Monarch High School, Jennifer was able to do her laundry, shower and receive food that could be shared with her family. Jennifer needed someone to show her a way out—hope for the future. In Jennifer’s case, a mentor in the community has gone a long way in ensuring her success.

Susan matched Jennifer with San Diego businesswoman Katie Fulhorst. Through the relationship with Katie, Jennifer experienced another side of the city. She found that she did have options. Jennifer talks about her hopes for the future.

“Someday I want to own a big hotel. People I hire from the group home I want to start will run the hotel. The profits from the hotel will pay for the costs of the group home. I know this is big, but it’s what I want to do. I want to help others like Susan helped me.”

Jennifer is doing well at school now. She also volunteers as an outreach source in her community to other children that are homeless.