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Nick Faber

Nick Faber

Nick Faber, a math and science specialist at Galtier Magnet School in St. Paul, Minnesota, is a reflective teacher. Nick has a 30-minute commute each day that allows him to reflect on the hits and misses of a particular lesson, as well as an opportunity to focus on goals for an upcoming lesson.

Nick has been actively involved in the community around St. Paul. He has been a youth and family services instructor with Science Museum of Minnesota. Through this program, he had developed curriculum for and taught math classes for students and families in LEGO/logo since 1988. Additionally, he has served as adjunct faculty in the areas of math and science for both Concordia College and Hamline University. Nick supervises Hamline University students in field experiments for math methods and has acted as a student teacher and pre-student teacher supervisor since 1995.

As a mentor to other teachers, Nick has set up workshops on topics such as classroom management, dealing with parents and community members, and alternative teaching strategies. This has led Nick to assist other districts through Minnesota in establishing their own mentor programs.

Nick Faber received certification from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards in November 1995. He received Young Adolescent, Generalist certification based on his professional portfolio, interview and exams.

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