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No Greater Calling
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  Teaching Strategies

Impact on Students


Nick Faber

Nick Faber

Nick Faber works with a group of student teachers with whom he facilitates the reflective process.

Holly Long and Betty Casper
Student teacher Holly Long found debriefing sessions with Nick and other student teachers helpful. Talking about problems encountered helped her to understand why a lesson might not have worked.

Holly Long indicated that “if it didn’t work, whose fault is it? If an entire class fails, then the fault is with me. I obviously didn’t do my job.”

Eric Waltz
Student teacher Eric Waltz met Nick regularly for wall climbing and reflection. During the session, they would talk about Nick’s day at school—what worked, what did not and why. Eric found the opportunity to ask questions beneficial. He felt that these sessions would help him to know how to improve and change when he began teaching. Nick found the sessions helpful for him as well. He found that Eric’s questions brought him greater insight into his teaching.

By talking through scenarios with Nick, Eric was able to understand the importance of developing a reflective process. Additionally, he learned that reflection involves asking and answering the fundamental questions of:

  • What do I do?
  • How do I do it?
  • What does this mean for both myself as a professional and those whom I serve?