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Steven Vande Griend

Steven Vande Griend

Steven Vande Griend grew up in Iowa along with five brothers. Steven received his Bachelor of Arts in Education from Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa—located within an hour’s drive of Sioux City, Iowa, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

He has taught fifth and sixth grades in Indiana, Louisiana and Washington. Steven currently teaches fifth and sixth grade through a system of looping—where he stays with the same students for two years.

Steven says that he has always liked being in the classroom environment, a feeling that started when he was an elementary school student. “I always felt that the class was a good place to be,” he said. Being the youngest in his family had its advantages as well where teaching was concerned—he often had to watch his nieces and nephews, so at an early age he developed a knack for handling a lot of children at one time.

Outside the classroom, Steven enjoys working with children in both music and drama. This includes directing plays, musicals and choral productions. His interest in music came to life through his admiration of his high school choral director, who was also his English teacher.

“When we had English class, we had it in the choral room,” Steven said. “The way he set up the room made it fun, and he was really excited about what he was doing. So I always make my room a fun place for kids to be.”

When not teaching, Steven takes pleasure from traveling, cooking, singing, reading, rollerblading and going to the movies.

In January 1995, Steven achieved National Board Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. As one of the first recipients of National Board Certification, Steven was invited to a reception at the White House in October 1995.

As of September 2001, Steven is still teaching at Lynnwood, expecting a new group of fifth graders.

“Overall, my goal for students in my classroom is to become a better citizen of our school, community, nation and world. By respecting our learning environment and the hard work and efforts of others, we can achieve a goal of becoming lifelong learners,” he said.

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