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No Greater Calling
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  Teaching Strategies

Impact on Students


Steven Vande Griend with student

Steven Vande Griend

Ashley Harmon
For Ashley, the trip to the hardware store meant a chance to discover the math and science behind everyday activities. The experience showed her how people who use math and science as they work and play. Better yet, it gave her a chance to just explore.

“I thought it was pretty fun. It really got your brain to work more.”

Precious Jones
Precious found the debate about the qualities of dogs versus cats helpful. She was able to imagine herself as an inquisitive detective. Preparing for debate gave her a chance to imagine what sorts of questions people might ask, and how she would go about finding the information to answer their questions. She had to determine what facts would convince her classmates. Precious was glad that she had the opportunity to work with a familiar topic. She concluded, “It helps me to understand.”

Ricardo Aguayo
Ricardo also found the debate process a learning experience. Prior to the debate, he could not help but wonder, “Does your heart race? Do you sweat? Wring your hands?” Reality was a lot better than he had feared. Instead, Ricardo found that he was better prepared than he had thought. He did share, however, “I had to think on my feet.”