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Evelyn Jenkins Gunn

Evelyn Jenkins Gunn

Evelyn Jenkins Gunn is an English teacher at Pelham Memorial High School in Pelham, New York, an affluent, mostly-white suburb of New York City. Evelyn is an African-American who was born into poverty in Alabama to a family that stressed a love of learning. Evelyn is an award-winning, National Board-Certified teacher and a Carnegie Scholar.

As a consultant and workshop leader, Evelyn Jenkins Gunn has made presentations to the New York English Council, The New York State Reading Council, Southern Westchester School Superintendents and teacher centers at Bronxville, Eastchester, Pelham and Tuckahoe (BEPT) and New Rochelle.

She describes her presentations as a journey—a journey of African American slave narratives and biographies, African American novels and tales, poetry, slave songs and gospels. As one of the nine children of James and Geneva Jenkins, she seeks to honor them and her ancestors everyday, but especially as a workshop leader and storyteller.

Evelyn understands the qualities of a good teacher and how important teachers are to the lives of the children that they teach. She agrees with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards that “Good teachers literally save lives; however, they do it by loving students, helping them imagine the future and insisting that they meet high expectations and standards.”

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