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No Greater Calling
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  Teaching Strategies

Impact on Students


Donna Hilton with students

Donna Hilton

Natalie Pevehouse
Natalie Pevehouse says that the morning meeting helps her start off the morning. “When someone greets you in the morning, it makes you feel good—like you’re important.” Natalie also shares that the morning meeting makes her and other students calmer. “We come in excited and running around. It just kind of, well, calms us down.”

The opportunity to talk about things that are important to her makes a difference. “It nice to know that someone is really listening…that they care about me.”

Matt Moss
Matt Moss says the trip to Palo Duro Canyon helped him to make the learning connection. Of course, having the same given name as the main character in “The Sign of the Beaver” by Elizabeth George Speare helped him to identify on a personal level as well.

Matt states that “Here you actually get to know what it’s like to live…to actually know what it was like when Matt was alive.” Matt and his classmates were able to remember passages in the book that helped with the class assignment. One of Matt’s classmates remembered how the characters in the book had used twigs and rocks to mark trails. Matt and his group used the survival skills taught by the book to:

  • Locate red clay that could be used to build a dwelling
  • Design a structurally sound dwelling
  • Determine locations that would be safe from the river’s flooding
  • Secure safe sources of food and water