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Carol Midgett

Carol Midgett

Carol Midgett’s junior high and high school years were spent the largely rural community around Smithfield, North Carolina. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Atlantic Christian College (Barton College) in 1966. She continues her life long love of learning as she works to complete graduate studies at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

Carol lives in North Carolina with her husband of 32 years, “P.D.”, a retired Methodist minister. They have two sons, John, who has a degree in biology and is a managing partner in a Wilmington business and Todd, who has a degree in business management and manages a Wilmington business.

Carol has taught grades one through eight for more than 15 years. Additionally, Carol holds certification in the area of academically gifted education. She also serves as a mentor for novice teachers. This 1991 recipient of the North Carolina Presidential Award for elementary mathematics has constantly striven to provide a quality education to her students.

In 1996, she was certified as an Early Childhood Generalist by the National Board on Professional Teaching Standards. In 1999, this Southport elementary teacher helped coordinate training for the new science curriculum in Brunswick County. The year 2000 held a new challenge.

“Serving as a member of the Standards 2000 writing team has been the most incredibly valuable professional development experience of my life! It has been a challenge beyond compare. As a community of learners we grappled with the big ideas of mathematics.”

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