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No Greater Calling
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  Teaching Strategies

Impact on Students


Carol Midgett with students

Carol Midgett

Victoria Stanley
First grade student Victoria Stanley, along with her parents Lynda and Joseph, epitomizes Carol’s philosophy of teaching at work. Victoria led the conference between Carol and her parents. Victoria talked about the work in her portfolio—what was important to her and why. Carol asked Victoria questions to guide her through the process.

Victoria’s parents talked about why they were supportive of Carol’s methods. Lynda Stanley especially liked the weekly exchange of information between parent and teacher in Victoria’s journal.

“I want to be a part of Victoria’s learning, but working full-time makes that difficult. The journal keeps me connected. Each week I read Carol’s comments about Victoria’s progress and respond with my thoughts.”

Joseph Stanley felt that it was important for Victoria to understand that her parents and her teacher knew each other as individuals.

“When I was growing up, my parents knew my teachers. That made a difference. Whatever I did at school was known at home. I want that for Victoria.”