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No Greater Calling
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Carol Midgett

Carol Midgett
“No Greater Calling” spotlights Carol Midgett and the positive impact that community involvement can have on education. At Southport Elementary School, just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina, Carol Midgett has enlisted Margaret Connaughton and Jean Fairly—two of Southport’s elderly citizens—to help teach her students to read. The video illustrates how Carol, her students and the volunteers all benefit from this added classroom dimension. At the same time, this section highlights Carol’s work with the UNC-Wilmington’s School of Education on Professional Development. Carol models how teachers are members of learning communities through activities that extend beyond classroom teaching.

Learning Communities
Carol Midgett noted, “The steering current for my professional development has been my involvement in learning communities. The four networks having the most profound impact on my continuing growth are: student-led conferences, the Professional Development System of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, the Standards 2000 Writing Team of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.” Carol believes that:
  • Daily use of authentic assessment creates shared responsibility for learning in our classroom.
  • Helping students recognize academic targets and measure their progress toward them using uniform criteria maintains and sustains a true learning community.
  • Parents’ investment results when their children share products, successes, and struggles during student-led conferences.
  • Goals and responsibility for attaining them are set based upon identified strengths and needs.