Telling: San Antonio

“What we do is create performances working with military veterans and military family members, in which they have the opportunity to talk about their experiences to their communities.”
Jonathan Wei, Founder and Executive Director of The Telling Project

Telling: San AntonioTelling: San Antonio For many civilians, the realities of war are just images on the local news from far-off lands in upheaval. In Telling: San Antonio, a three-act play organized by playwright Jonathan Wei, veterans and their families are given a voice to share their experiences. A dozen local vets from all walks of life practiced their monologues for weeks and presented their stories during a live performance at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, Texas.

Telling: San Antonio was presented by KLRN. Watch the full program below, and learn more about the project by visiting the KLRN Veterans site.

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