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Our Vanishing Wilderness

The Water is so Clear that a Blind Man Could See


The title refers to Blue Lake near Taos, New Mexico, where Taos Indians recently won a long battle to have their sacred land returned to them by the U. S. This program, telecast just days before Congress acted to restore the land to the Indians, examines the relationship of the Taos people to their land, and the way in which sound ecology is bound up in Indian religion.

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Our Vanishing Wilderness

Prudhoe Bay or Bust!

Alaskan oil pipeline and its probable effects on the life of the frozen tundra


Our Vanishing Wilderness

The Chain of Life

Is the public outcry against environmental abuses bringing any results?


Our Vanishing Wilderness

Will the Gater Glades Survive?

The Florida Everglades are threatened with destruction


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