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Latinos in 60 Seconds

Is My Neighbor Latino?


A person wonders if their new neighbor may be Latino, because the neighbor does not fit the common stereotype. He asks a popular newscaster, and she goes out to investigate what signs demonstrate the Latinness of this person. Produced by Jorge A. Aguirre.

Episodes of Latinos in 60 Seconds10

Latinos in 60 Seconds

America's Inca Root

Watch the humorous history of America's favorite tuber - the potato.


Latinos in 60 Seconds

Fear of a Latin Planet

Two performance artists deliver a searing spoken-word critique of Latino media imagery.


Latinos in 60 Seconds

Grandma's Hip Hop

Watch the story about a youthful grandmother who despite her hearing loss can still dance.


Latinos in 60 Seconds

La Tejana Pasionaria

Video profile of Emma Tenayuca, the leader of the striking pecan-shellers in 1939 Texas.


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