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2009 State of the State Address


On March 10, 2009, Maine Governor John Elias Baldacci addressed a joint session of the Maine legislature from the Maine State House Chambers in Augusta. The focus of the address was the Governor%27s ambitious plan to help lift Maine out of the current recession by investing in energy and health care while continuing to streamline state government. The Republican response to the address follows.

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MPBN Specials

Maine State Spelling Bee 2012

2012 Maine State Spelling Bee competition features Maine's top 15 grade school spellers


MPBN Specials

2010 State of the State Address

Maine Governor John Baldacci's State of the State Address, January 21, 2010.


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MPBN Specials


The MPBN Super Thursday One-Day Drive is April 11, 2013.

MPBN Specials

2011 Feed A Family Campaign

Meredith Jones of the Maine Community Foundation discusses MPBN's Feed A Family Campaign


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Maine Community Foundation

Meredith Jones of the Maine Community Foundation speaks about the power of partnerships.


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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Rick Small of the Good Shepherd Food-Bank talks about neighbors helping neighbors.


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MPBN Specials

Downton Envy

Here are 6 telltale signs that you have Downton Envy bad.


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