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Bill Moyers

The Journal: John Bogle


Is there a crisis in American capitalism? Investment industry giant John Bogle says that as more and more money managers take control over corporations on Wall Street, Main Street is paying the price. Also on the program, NPR's Deborah Amos-just back from Damascus-and The New Yorker's George Packer on the Iraq war and what you haven't heard from Washington.

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Bill Moyers

The Journal: Extended Final Show

Citizen action in Iowa, Jim Hightower on Populism and writer Barry Lopez.


Bill Moyers

The Journal: Our Media Future

FCC commissioner Michael Copps on 'net neutrality', William K. Black on Wall Street.


Bill Moyers

The Journal: Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich discusses her life and work. Historian Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan.


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