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Living St. Louis

Jewish-American POW


Patrick Murphy speaks with University City resident Allen Sabol about his extraordinary journey as a Jewish-American soldier captured by the Germans in the line of duty during World War II. Sabol says life as a POW was harsh. He endured a death march that zigzagged across Germany. Even after he was rescued and returned to the States, Sabol continued to battle to recover from his war wounds.

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Living St. Louis

And In This Corner…Cassius Clay

A look at Metro Theater Company’s upcoming production of And In This Corner….Cassius Clay.


Living St. Louis

Anne Keefe Appreciation

Anne Keefe, St. Louis broadcast legend who died at age 90 in December 2015, is remembered


Living St. Louis

Dancer Heather McGinley

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Living St. Louis

Genealogical Society

Producer Ruth Ezell learns how churches can be rich sources of genealogical information.


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