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Living St. Louis

Pratzel's Bakery


Jim Kirchherr discovers the history of Pratzel's Bakery. A kosher bakery specializing in bagels, Pratzel's was founded in North St. Louis in the early 1900s and has moved its retail operations to follow the St. Louis Jewish population ever since. As a kosher operation, their factory closes an hour before sunset on Fridays, when a rabbi locks the doors for the Sabbath.

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Living St. Louis

And In This Corner…Cassius Clay

A look at Metro Theater Company’s upcoming production of And In This Corner….Cassius Clay.


Living St. Louis

Anne Keefe Appreciation

Anne Keefe, St. Louis broadcast legend who died at age 90 in December 2015, is remembered


Living St. Louis

Dancer Heather McGinley

Heather McGinley: a member of the Paul Taylor Dance Company and Bi-State area native.


Living St. Louis

Genealogical Society

Producer Ruth Ezell learns how churches can be rich sources of genealogical information.


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