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Newt Gingrich: "The Constant Pressure of Secularism"


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich formally announced he is seeking the 2012 GOP nomination for President. Watch excerpts from his April 27 speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington where he talked about the religious influence of his wife, Callista, his 2009 conversion to Catholicism and his concerns about what he sees as rising secularism in American culture.

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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Wudu: Islamic Washing Before Prayer

Muslim men perform a ritual washing to cleanse hands, arms, face, and feet before prayer.


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Muslims of Hamtramck, Michigan

Once Polish Catholic, this city is the only one in the US with a Muslim-majority council.


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Wendell Berry Farming Program

Kentucky poet and farmer Wendell Berry is passing on his family’s farming legacy.


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

America's Original Sin

An activist, pastor, and preacher says white and black churches must cross the bridge to a


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Controversy

Are private yeshivas run by Hasidic Jews providing students with a secular education?


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

India Beef Ban

Recent violence traces back to an age-old conflict over the sacredness of cows in Hinduism


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Look Ahead 2016

What will be among the most important religion stories to watch for in the New Year?


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