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Medal Quest

Katy Sullivan: "London is everything!"


Paralympic sprinter Katy Sullivan remembers how unsure she was the first time she saw running legs. Then, “the world of sports opened to me.” She also describes that incredible moment before a race starts, when everything narrows down to a kind of "tunnel vision." Katy Sullivan makes it clear that Paralympians and Olympians are all one team – and for all of them, London 2012 is the goal.

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Medal Quest

Ice Warriors: USA Sled Hockey

Follow the U.S. sled hockey team as the clock counts down to the 2014 Paralympic Games.


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Medal Quest

Ice Warriors: Family and Friends

Family and friends' support means everything to the US sled hockey team players.


Medal Quest

Ice Warriors: Focus

What sort of focus does it take to be a Paralympian?


Medal Quest

Ice Warriors: How They View Us

"Watch one game and you can tell that we're not how society views us."


Medal Quest

Ice Warriors: Steve's Saves

Watch one of the best sled hockey goaltenders in the world in action.


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