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Colorado Commitment: Sustainability Through Collaboration


Host Tamara Banks leads a discussion about how Colorado organizations are working to make a difference in developing countries. Guests include Dr. Bernard Amadei from the University of Colorado at Boulder, Dr. Richard Byyny, Chancellor Emeritus at CU and Greg Hodgson with Global Health Initiatives at Centura Health.

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CPT12 Presents

EASY WILLPOWER with Rena Greenberg

Rena Greenberg’s Easy Willpower plan can help you be at your absolute healthiest.


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CPT12 Presents

Allen True's West

Showcases the life and art of Colorado's foremost muralist, Allen Tupper True.


CPT12 Presents

Sandzén: Ecstasy of Color

Profile of Swedish-American artist Birger Sandzén, who was inspired by the American West.


CPT12 Presents

If Not Us: Happy & Anna Jo Haynes

In this episode, a mother & daughter compare civil rights stories and find connection.


CPT12 Presents

If Not Us: Theater Production

In this segment, the futuristic play comes together about the masks we wear to hide.


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