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KTWU I've Got Issues

I've Got Issues: Rick Cagan


Rick Cagan, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Kansas, addresses gun violence in relation to mental health issues. This is an extra interview segment associated with the IGI program on the subject (#301).

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KTWU I've Got Issues

911: Issues in Dispatch

How local law enforcement is overcoming a shortage of emergency dispatchers.


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KTWU I've Got Issues

Praeger's Perspective

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger's perspective on the Affordable Care Act.


KTWU I've Got Issues

Marriage for Keeps

Christina Sell, Catholic Charities of Kansas describes workshops & tools for couples


KTWU I've Got Issues

Same-Sex Marriage

A Kansas Supreme Court ruling related to the "Kansas Parentage Act" is described.


KTWU I've Got Issues

Sexual & Domestic VIolence

Joyce Grover, executive director of Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence.


KTWU I've Got Issues

I've Got Issues: Concussions

Dr. Barbara Semakula, director of Sports Rehabilitation Service, KU Medical Center


KTWU I've Got Issues

I've Got Issues: Principal Concerns

G.A. Buie, president-elect of the National Association of Secondary School Principals


KTWU I've Got Issues

I've Got Issues: Incarcerated Parents

Corrections official Brian Cole describes the attitude of parents who are incarcerated.


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