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Sikh Turban Showdown


The Sikh Foundation of Virginia held a “Turban Showdown” for pre-school children and older youth of its gurdwara in Northern Virginia. Parents help them wrap the turban or keski and watch them walk a runway. Youth and education coordinator Surinder Singh explains the meaning of the turban and why it is, for Sikhs, a mark of pride, respect, and responsibility.

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Sikh Saint-Soldier

Sikh Saint-Soldier

The word “Sikh” means student or disciple. Sikhs have three basic core beliefs — constant meditation and re...

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Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Muslims of Hamtramck, Michigan

Once Polish Catholic, this city is the only one in the US with a Muslim-majority council.


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

Wendell Berry Farming Program

Kentucky poet and farmer Wendell Berry is passing on his family’s farming legacy.


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America's Original Sin

An activist, pastor, and preacher says white and black churches must cross the bridge to a


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Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Controversy

Are private yeshivas run by Hasidic Jews providing students with a secular education?


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India Beef Ban

Recent violence traces back to an age-old conflict over the sacredness of cows in Hinduism


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Look Ahead 2016

What will be among the most important religion stories to watch for in the New Year?


Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly

More on World Hijab Day

Watch two more women, one a Muslim and one a non-Muslim, participate in World Hijab Day.


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