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It’s Okay to Be Smart

The Auroras


Space might seem like an empty place, but the area surrounding Earth is constantly being bombarded by waves of charged particles released by the Sun: The solar wind. Luckily, thanks to Earth's swirling, molten core (and the magnetic field it provides), we are protected from this planet-sterilizing onslaught like an invisible force field. The visual result? The Auroras.

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Life by the Numbers

Life by the Numbers

How successful are we compared to other species? It turns out that biomass, or what things weigh, can be mo...

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It’s Okay to Be Smart

Zombie Parasites!

Are zombies real? Could they actually exist?


It’s Okay to Be Smart

Bats: Guardians of the Night

Why are some of nature's coolest animals also the most feared?


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