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China's Challenges: Where is China’s Economy Going?


China might be an economic juggernaut but what will it take to continue its development? China’s old economic model of low-cost, cheap-labor manufacturing is ending. What transformations are now needed? What are the downsides of China’s frenetic growth? Kuhn reveals how the country’s air and water are now terribly polluted and how society is fracturing, between rich and poor, urban and rural.

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PBS SoCal Specials

Sweet Land of Liberty?

This 1981 documentary looked at the influx of refugees to understand their challenges.


PBS SoCal Specials

Indochinese Refugees: A Second Look

A look at immigrants adapting to life in OC three years after the Fall of Saigon.


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PBS SoCal Specials

Piero Selvaggio

Piero Selvaggio, Restaurateur


PBS SoCal Specials

Joe Buscaino

Joe Buscaino, L.A. City Council Member 15th District.


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Marianna Gatto

Marianna Gatto is the Executive Director of the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles.


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PBS SoCal Specials

Power of Purpose Preview

Discover the key to happiness by understanding and acting upon your life's purpose.


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