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Memories of the March

From Beaver County to D.C.: Paulette Potter Finds Pride


Beaver County resident Paulette Potter was urged to go on the March with her mother, a local NAAC activist. Then 16, Paulette recalls the trip as fun, but realizes that the pride she gained from attending the March helped inspire her in her career as an educator in a small, Western Pennsylvania school. She developed the first Black Studies curriculum in her school district, still in use today.

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Memories of the March

Walt Shepperd Remembers the March

Walt Shepperd recalls the comradeship and bi-racial approach to the March on Washington.


Memories of the March

Dale Tussing Remembers the March

Dale Tussing, Emeritus Professor at Syracuse University, remembers a fantastic atmosphere.


Memories of the March

A Daughter Left at Home Marches On

The daughter of a NC speaker at the March honors her father's civil rights legacy.


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