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Crafts for Kids

1920's Flapper-Style Headband


Make a fun, feathered flapper-style headband and transport kids to the 1920's! Inspire imaginative play through the fashion styles, popular dances, and music trends of the 20's with these cute costume headpieces. See the full post here: http://www.pbs.org/parents/crafts-for-kids/1920s-flapper-headbands-video/

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Crafts for Kids

Pocket Abacus

A very simple DIY abacus that you can keep in your pocket or backpack for the school year.


Crafts for Kids

DIY Animal Finger Puppets

You can make your very own DIY animal finger puppets!


Crafts for Kids

DIY Hacky Sack

Turn a balloon filled with flour into a fun DIY hacky sack!


Crafts for Kids

DIY Plastic Cup Phones

Turn a plastic cup into a DIY lantern with this fun craft!


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