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Oregon Art Beat

Pink Martini and Storm Large


Singer, actress, playwright, rocker - Storm Large is a performer to be reckoned with! Art Beat first profiled her when she was singing in clubs with her band The Balls. Now, with stage and TV appearances under her belt - not to mention a gig at Carnegie Hall - we reconnect with her as she sings with Pink Martini.

Episodes of Oregon Art Beat310

Oregon Art Beat

Season 17, Episode 8

Jeffrey Bale, Kayla Mattes, Francoise Weeks and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.


Oregon Art Beat

Season 17, Episode 7

Artists Tannaz Farsi, First Folio! DanceAbility International and Tallmadge Doyle


Oregon Art Beat

Art is all in the Family

This weeks episode of Oregon Art Beat - artists who make it, share it, and pass it on!


Oregon Art Beat

Season 17, Episode 6

Artists Eric Franklin, Arvie Smith & Mary Josephson along with Abbie Weisenbloom


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Clips of Oregon Art Beat232

Oregon Art Beat

Artist Jeffrey Bale

Mosaic artist Jeffrey Bale creates elaborate, intricate designs from stones he gathers.


Oregon Art Beat

Weaver Kayla Mattes

Meet Kayla Mattes, who’s weaving digital technology into an ancient art form: textiles.


Oregon Art Beat

DanceAbility International

DanceAbility International brings mixed ability dancers together.


Oregon Art Beat

Sculptor Tannaz Farsi

Tannaz Farsi uses sculptural forms and a wide variety of materials to create her work.


Oregon Art Beat

Art Beat Update: Arvie Smith

See what painter Arvie Smith has been doing since his appearance on Art Beat 15 years ago.


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