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Truly CA

Audience of One | Truly CA

55:32Expires: 10/05/14

A San Francisco pastor received a prophetic whisper from God to make movies for the Lord, including Gravity: The Shadow of Joseph, a $50 million biblical science fiction movie that would redefine the Hollywood epic. Using donations from his congregation, he slowly transformed his church into a fully functioning movie studio and the production company Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks was born.

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Truly CA

Amy | Truly CA

Filmmaker Susan Rivo reveals her lifelong attachment and deep bond with a stuffed animal.


Truly CA

Impossible Light | Truly CA

Visionary artist Leo Villareal transforms the Bay Bridge in an LED light sculpture.


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Truly CA

Preview: Fred Lyon | Truly CA

See the preview for Michael House's Fred Lyon: Living Through the Lens.


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