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The Past Is Alive Within Us: The U.S.- Dakota Conflict


This documentary examines one of the most difficult chapters of Minnesota’s history: the state’s involvement in the Dakota War as the Civil War was simultaneously raging. It’s a mix of historical information & contemporary stories & is designed to build a better understanding of historical interpretation & encourage critical thinking. It will look at the subject through the lens of public memory.

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Black Brilliance

Five black high school seniors share their stories of wisdom and strength.


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Lost Twin Cities 4

Lost chapters of the past are recalled in Lost Twin Cities 4.


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Through a Soldier's Eyes

Follow along as a Minnesota soldier travels to Italy.


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Never Stop Singing

Minnesota is renowned for its outstanding choral music at all levels.


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Kevin Kling: Lost & Found Preview

Kevin Kling is a Minnesota humorist/playwright/storyteller. Premieres Nov 16 at 9pm


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