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Stories of Service

D-Day 360 | Full Episode


D-Day was a logistical effort on a scale never seen before or since. On the day itself, 3,000 planes dropped 23,000 airborne troops behind German lines.This film takes advantage of LiDAR technology to re-create the landscape and allow viewers to switch effortlessly between the macro and the micro, pulling back for the big picture and zooming in to a close-up of a single soldier on the battlefield.

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Episodes of Stories of Service4

Stories of Service

Debt of Honor | Full Episode

Examine the reality of warfare and disability from the perspective of disabled veterans.


Stories of Service

The Homefront | Full Episode

Gain unique access to military members and their families with these intimate portraits.


Stories of Service

The Draft | Full Episode

Track the draft's turbulent history and the unintended consequences of it's elimination.


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Clips of Stories of Service25

Stories of Service

Debt of Honor | Coming Home

Disabled veterans speak about the difficulty of coming home & adjusting to civilian life.


Stories of Service

Debt of Honor | Tammy Duckworth

Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth recounts the harrowing story of the day she was injured.


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Previews of Stories of Service10

Stories of Service

Debt of Honor | Preview

Take an unflinching look at the reality of warfare with insight from disabled vets.


Stories of Service

Debt of Honor | Trailer

Examine the reality of warfare through interviews with disabled veterans.


Stories of Service

PBS Stories of Service | Preview

Watch Stories of Courage, Stories of Sacrifice and Stories of Service from PBS.


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