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American Black Journal

Fatherhood / Black Singlehood


In honor of Father's Day, we'll take a look at fatherhood, mentorship, and developing healthy relationships. Plus, Ken Coleman shares important events in Detroit's Black history. Episode 4228.

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American Black Journal

400 Study Club

We talk with two members of the historic “400 Study Club.” Ep 4419/Seg 1.


American Black Journal

Heritage Optical Center

A black business owner talks about making history in the eye care industry. Ep 4419/Seg 3.


American Black Journal

On This Day Detroit – 2/14/16

Ken Coleman looks back at important moments in Detroit’s Black history. Ep 4419/Seg 2.


American Black Journal

American Heart Month

Life-saving health information for black women. Ep 4418/Seg 3.


American Black Journal

Detroit Public School Crisis

Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President Ivy Bailey on DPS. Ep 4418/Seg 1.


American Black Journal

On This Day Detroit – 2/7/16

Ken Coleman looks back at African-American life in Detroit. Ep 443/Seg 2.


American Black Journal

Flint Water Crisis

Updates on the Flint water crisis and its impact on residents. Ep 4417/Seg 1.


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