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We invite you to support multi-cultural dialogue efforts in your community using the facilitators guide prepared as a companion to the broadcast of An American Love Story. This guide can help frame a community discussion by pulling key themes from the film and can serve as a starting point for individuals or groups to explore their own experiences and gain a greater understanding of others.

Download Community Facilitators Guide
[600K Adobe Acrobat file]

(Note: If you have trouble opening this file after downloading it, you may need to download a free copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software to read it).

This guide has been prepared by the Television Race Initiative (TRI), a multi-tiered effort in which diverse, character-driven, high-profile television broadcasts create a spine for sustained community dialogue and problem solving around the issue of race relations. In partnership with national and community-based organizations, TRI uses storytelling in the form of public television broadcasts to "break the ice" and encourage essential conversations that lead to constructive action.

Additional resources and facilitators guides for other programs are also available on the TRI website.

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