Peaux Marshall

Student, mother, writer, psychic advisor --A curious sort, Peaux delved into the world of the Internet upon her father's insistance with little trepidation. Discovering that a whole world existed outside of her PC-perfect life, she became immediately addicted to chatting online within weeks. Time and flamers passed though, and eventually she saw the light. Rather than simply participating in more of the same university-style rap sessions, she realized that the time had come to put her mouth where the money and audience is. Studying computers gives her an intellectual visa for arguing with aplomb, but her hippie family-of-origin gives her liberal leanings credibility. Peaux is happy to be employed in an area that she naturally excels at: watching over heated arguments with a buddha-like calm before the storm. "This promises to be better than TV any day of the week! Can't you just feel the reality of it?" she exclaims.

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