Jerry Weinstein

New York, New York
Jerry has moved back to NYC, after 17 years in pastoral and eclectic Cambridge, MA. A refugee from academic publishing, he has been involved in publishing books on philosophy, cognitive science, and more recently, social issues (Gender, Ethnicity & Sexuality), first at The MIT Press and then at Wesleyan. Last summer he was proud to have worked on the successful campaign of Jarrett Barrios, Cambridge's first gay latino in the State House. Most recently, he was the publications manager at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) where he wrote a biweekly media critique and led a "Monitor & Response" group, which tracked and responded to defamation in print, broadcast and online media. Jerry comes to this project optimistic that WebLab can foster provocative discussion on issues that continue to separate us by class, gender, race and sexuality. And he hopes that humor is not lost in cyberspace.

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