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Navigating Faith

"The Accidental Tourist" or "Pie And Tacos"
Getting engaged to the woman he never thought he could have was easy, but making room for God in their relationship was another story completely.

A Different Drummer
When cultural differences make communication difficult, the author takes a risk and confronts her partner. The temporary tension leads to a lifelong lesson.

A Large Hurdle, A Long Road
Two people use their love to shield themselves against the objections of their families, but in the end, their shield can't protect them from each other.

Celebrating Our Differences
When their relationship brings two different religions together, the author and her husband suffer objections from without, but find stronger spirituality from within.

David and Julie
After she converts to his religion, the couple works toward acceptance by her family -- especially when church rules prevent them from attending their wedding ceremony.

Love at first sight, blind to the future
The author struggles to reconcile her ideal of "true love conquers all" with the reality of her "loveless" marriage.

Mazel Tov!
A fight for a Christmas tree surprises a couple, forcing them to them to acknowledge -- and work with -- their religious differences.

Mixing and Matching
Though both from Christian backgrounds, this couple's differences come into play as they look to join a new church.

More the same than we thought
A couple's religious differences threaten to pull them apart, until they take the time to see their similarities.

He hides the Easter eggs and she makes the Hanukkah latkes ... and they both celebrate their union of two religious traditions.

Street Love
Respect and compromise help this couple live with their strong -- and conflicting -- religious beliefs.

The Pressure Cooker
Two people, brought together by their church and their spiritual leader, learn to overcome their differences.

The Princess and the Convict
How can a divorced woman, mother of a young son, maintain a loving and socially responsible relationship with her fiance -- when he is a convicted sex offender?

The Story of Ruth
In order to bridge religious differences, a woman converts to her fiance's faith -- and the outcome has been a long and happy marriage.

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