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In Africa’s Great Civilizations, explore great cities built along Africa’s extensive trade networks, discover art of unparalleled beauty and technical brilliance, and marvel at thousands of years of breath-taking architecture. Learn about the Africans who prospered, created, and suffered through their rich, sometimes tragic, yet endlessly fascinating history.

This is a seldom told story of how, for thousands of years, Africans helped shape our modern world.

Photos of Africa

Think Africa is isolated and static? Nothing could be farther from the truth. We in the West have created a fiction of Africa. Immerse yourself in the varied imagery of the continent in the photo gallery below.

Africa's Great Civilizations Image Gallery

Photos from the Film

Explore photos from the film, Africa’s Great Civilizations. Join Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on a journey through 200,000 years, from the origins of human civilization to the threshold of the modern world.

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