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The first award of the Medal of Honor was made March 25, 1863, to Private Jacob Parrott, and five others.

Since then there have been:
• 3,459 Medals of Honor Awarded
• For 3,454 separate acts of heroism
• Performed by 3,440 individuals (including 9 “Unknowns”)

Today, there are fewer than 137 living Recipients of the Medal of Honor.

53% of the living Recipients earned their Medals more than 50 years ago while serving in WWII (52) or Korea (20).

Of the 52 Recipients from WWII, more than 36 are over the age of 80.

Of the 64 Recipients from Vietnam, less than 40 are under the age of 60.

The last awards of the Medal of Honor, in a conflict following Vietnam, were awarded posthumously to Army Sergeants Gordon and Shughart for action in Somalia in 1993.

There were no awards of the Medal of Honor during Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, or Desert Storm.

Since 1993, 39 other Medals of Honor have been awarded to correct past errors, follow up on lost recommendations or were the result of new evidence.

Of those 39 Recipients, 13 were living at the time the Medal of Honor was presented.

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