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For Teachers
Today the question of the global role of America’s military forces creates a strong need for the understanding and appreciation of the individuals who make up those forces. The American Valor documentary presents a unique opportunity to help students who are struggling with questions of duty to country, individual rights and civic obligations to learn from the past experiences of a group of people who have made incredible sacrifices and courageous choices in almost unimaginable circumstances and have left their mark on the history of our country.

The stories contained in American Valor can evoke a wide range of emotions. It is recommended that teachers encourage students to express their thoughts and feelings, remain open to diverse and differing opinions and be active and responsive listeners in group discussions.

The lessons in this section each contain teaching objectives, correlating national standards, assessment and extension suggestions and resources. The teaching activities were written for students in grades 7-12, but can be adapted for other grades. The lessons work best in conjunction with viewing the film, but can also stand alone, as long as students have sufficient background information on the topics presented.

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