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Video Clips
Hangar Bay
The USS Nimitz has three Hangar Bays used for storage and maintenance of aircraft. (1:03)

Crew interviews and other clips from CARRIER

These video clips were taken from the filming of CARRIER, a 10-part series that focuses on a core group of shipmates during their six-month deployment on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Viewer Advisory: This material contains adult content.


Ports of Call:
Areas of the Ship:
Ship Duty:
Personal Time:
Blue Shark is the code name for a US Navy operation in the Arabian Gulf. In addition to providing protection for the USS Nimitz, the HS-6 Indians--a Navy helicopter squadron--monitors activity in the Gulf and on the waterways of Southern Iraq.  (5:48)
The Commanding Officer, Captain Ted Branch, spends much of his time in the Captain's Bridge, also known as the Pilot House. The steering and navigation are dictated from this location.  (0:38)
Chris Altice lives with the other "ordies" in his squadron in one of the enlisted berthings on the Nimitz. Some of the berthings house up to 150 sailors.  (2:39)
The US Navy often conducts Community Relations (nicknamed "COM-REL") activities while on liberty in foreign ports. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chaplain Joseph DuFour takes a group of sailors to a local orphanage.  (2:45)
Though often used for large meetings such as religious services and the other ceremonies, the primary purpose of the forecastle (more commonly referred to as the "Foc'sle") is to house and operate the anchor chains.  (0:38)
Experience the nighttime launch of a fighter jet from the bow of the USS Nimitz.  (0:23)
Lieutenant Regina Rogers, the V1 Division Officer during WestPac 2005, describes her role in directing the movement of aircraft in Flight Deck Control.  (1:56)
The deck of an aircraft carrier is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world. Chief Patrick Reynolds describes some of the dangerous aspects of working on the flight deck of the USS Nimitz.  (6:16)
Foc'sle Follies is a vaunted tradition in Naval aviation. At the end of each line period, the squadrons onboard the ship gather to recognize pilots that have performed the best, and to make fun of each other. One squadron is selected to perform a skit; in this case, VMFA-232, the Red Devils.  (5:09)
Airman Christian Garzone attends his Career Development Board (CDB), where CMC Christopher L. Penton advises him on the next steps in his Naval career.  (2:50)
On liberty in Bahrain, Airman Christian Garzone and his buddy, Philip Mager, enjoy a cultural tour of the country. Their last stop is at the Grand Mosque.  (3:30)
Airman Christian Garzone and his buddy, Philip Mager, swim with dolphins while on liberty in Bahrain.  (3:09)
USS Nimitz pulls into Guam, a territory of the United States.  (0:59)
Fighter Squadron VFA-41, the Black Aces have a barbeque in Guam.  (1:02)
The USS Nimitz has three Hangar Bays used for storage and maintenance of aircraft.  (1:03)
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