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Video Clips
Pearl Harbor
The USS Nimitz pulls in to Pearl Harbor, the first of port of call on the deployment. (1:12)

Crew interviews and other clips from CARRIER

These video clips were taken from the filming of CARRIER, a 10-part series that focuses on a core group of shipmates during their six-month deployment on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Viewer Advisory: This material contains adult content.


Ports of Call:
Areas of the Ship:
Ship Duty:
Personal Time:
Additional footage of the USS Nimitz departing Coronado on a 6-month deployment to the Persian Gulf.  (1:42)
The USS Nimitz conducts a Man Overboard drill using a life-sized dummy, named Oscar.  (4:42)
Maui native Kenny "Mana" Vida performs a song he wrote on his ukelele. Using footage of Kevin "Proton" McLaughlin and his family, this is "Never Stop Searching for You," the music video.  (2:49)
To help maintain maritime security in the Arabian Gulf, the US Navy engages local fishermen working on dhows. The Navy finds out what these vessels are doing, and lets them know that there is a coalition military presence in the Gulf.  (2:47)
To help maintain maritime security in the Arabian Gulf, the US Navy boards ships to look for weapons and materials which could be used to make Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).  (4:40)
The Mess Decks on the USS Nimitz are where the enlisted sailors eat.  (1:38)
Caroline "Lilo" Granadosin has the late shift as the aft (rear) lookout of the USS Nimitz.  (3:03)
The USS Nimitz pulls in to Pearl Harbor, the first of port of call on the deployment.  (1:12)
View additional scenics of Perth, Australia, from a nearby hillside.  (0:27)
View additional scenics of the USS Nimitz arriving in Perth, Australia.  (1:10)
A security drill aboard the USS Nimitz. Scenario: the security team must neutralize a member of the film crew who has lost his marbles and is wielding a gun.  (2:21)
Shirley Lamoreaux tours a mosque while on liberty in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  (4:23)
Chief Jack Adams leads a tour of the brig aboard USS Nimitz. According to Captain Ted Branch, only 12 individuals were sent to the Nimitz brig--for an average detainment of 3 days--while on deployment in 2005  (3:06)
Friends and family join the sailors and marines for the final leg of the deployment, from Hawaii to Coronado.  (1:14)
USS Princeton Commanding Officer Bill Ault conducts a tour of his cruiser and describes its role in Strike Group 11.  (6:33)
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